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Feel free to reach out to us at volunteers@klondikedogderby.com


Snow Crew

Do you own heavy equipment? Do you want to volunteer in a unique and exciting way? Help us build the start chute by bringing in your machinery and laying a track of snow down two blocks of Water Street to Lake Minnetonka on the night before the race. Removal of the snow on Sunday evening also needed. 


Musher Check-in 

Be the first to greet the mushers as they arrive for the race on Saturday! You will assist mushers with registration, autographing posters, and signing in for their veterinary checks. 


Race Headquarters

Race Headquarters is the command center for the race, and an exciting spot to volunteer. It’s a busy, fun, and interactive volunteer position, plus you’ll get to stay warm! At HQ, you’ll help by inputting start and finish times into the website, answering spectator, media, and musher questions, and keeping our Race Officials fueled up with snacks and beverages. Volunteers needed on both Saturday and Sunday. 


Merchandise Sales

Interact with the fans and stay warm and toasty at Race Headquarters as you help with the sales of race merchandise. Volunteers needed on both Saturday and Sunday. 


Starting Line

After months of planning, it all comes down to the starting line where teams of huskies take off while fans line the street and cheer them on! Several volunteers are needed to help with the set-up of the start and finish line. Tasks will include installation of snow fencing, hanging banners, setting up audio equipment, tents, and more.



Start /Finish volunteers may be asked to do a variety of tasks including to help to hook and hold teams at the start and finish, record times, assist Race Officials and the emcees, and more. 


Dog Truck Parking

Help mark the parking lot for all the dog trucks the day before the race, and then help to direct mushers to their designated parking spaces on race morning.


Traffic and
Crowd Control

Traffic and Crowd Control volunteers will assist in directing vehicles near the start of the race, and controlling access to parking lots designated for mushers and officials. Crowd Control volunteers will help to direct spectators so they can safety view the race, and find what they are looking for — such as bathrooms, Race Headquarters, the VIP Tent, and the Start Line. 


Dog Crew

If you really love dogs, and are willing to use your muscles and get your hands dirty, this might be the job for you! You’ll get to interact with the mushers and their teams as they make their way to the start line and back from the finish line. It’s physically demanding, but it’s fun! You’ll be helping to get the excited teams of huskies from their trucks to the starting chute by running with the team and holding the gangline. Don’t worry, training will be provided.


ATV Crew

Seeking volunteers with ATV’s willing to help at the race start. A team of huskies ready to race is surprisingly powerful! While assistance is provided by mushers, handlers, and the Dog Crew, it’s also very helpful to have the help of a few ATVs! The dog teams will be hooked to the front of your machine and you will help to drive them safely to the starting line.


Trail Crew

This is a fun and exciting volunteer opportunity for anyone who owns a snowmobile! We are seeking volunteers with snowmobiles to help set the trail, post and pick-up mile markers, and go out ahead of the first team and behind the last team.


Amateur Radio

Communication needs between the race officials at the start and finish, at road crossings and at some safety points happens best via amateur radio. If you have experience with amateur radio and are willing to help, volunteer today!


Road Crossing

This is an exciting opportunity to get up and close and personal with the dog teams out on the trail. Assist the teams as they cross County Road 19 to Old Channel Bay. You may need to help shovel snow to create a smooth transition from the trail to the road, and may need to help guide the teams from one side of the road to the trail on the other side. Traffic control will be provided by law enforcement officers here as well. 


Safety Points

Along the trail are a few points where we need volunteers stationed throughout the race to assist mushers in staying on the correct trail, or maintaining crowd control as the teams are passing. Bundle up, start a bonfire, and bring a few friends for a memorable and fun day!


Finishers’ Banquet

Help to transform Race Headquarters into the scene for our Finisher’s Banquet, and help with coordination of the awards ceremony. This will include decorating the banquet hall, assisting with medals and prizes, and clean up after the event. 


Pre-Race Support

The work of a sled dog race is a year-round, multi-person endeavor. Race day is the climax, and an exciting time to help out. But without the support of volunteers in the months and days before the race, race day doesn’t happen! Pre-race support includes assistance to the Race Coordinator and the Klondike Dog Derby Board of Directors. Tasks could include help with things like media, PR, administrative work, communication, print coordination, event planning and set-up, fundraising, volunteer coordination and more. 



Hosting a musher, their handler(s), and dogs is a unique opportunity to make some new friends and learn more about a sport and lifestyle unlike any other. All you need is a spare bedroom, space to park a large truck and/or trailer, and a willingness to welcome a few friendly folks into your home for the weekend! If you’re interested in this opportunity, please contact us. 



If you’re not sure how you’d like to help out, or you’re willing to pitch in wherever you’re needed, just check this option and we will find just the right job for you!