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The generosity of our sponsors will help bring communities together and foster an annual winter tradition.

We appreciate their support!


Musher sponsor

Bridgewater Bank was created from the idea that the best bank to serve a successful and energized group of clients is one that's built by experienced bankers with an entrepreneurial perspective. With a wide range of deposit and lending products and convenient locations in the Twin Cities, Bridgewater can meet the needs of anyone looking for an alternative to conventional banking.

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Lead Dog Sponsor

Excelsior’s own Ostrom Creative worked to develop the brand and continues to create promotional materials for the Dog Derby. The “OC” is a full-service, pint-sized agency packed with passion, creativity and hard-working folks.

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Adopt a Husky minnesota

The Creative’s Connector, llc

The creative’s counsel
by Reece Law, LLC

FIVE Vodka

The huntingtons

dan & cindy Koch

Mandelena Properties, LLC

Marley, Kyra, & Tonks

Sue McCarville



help bring a piece of history back to the lake!